7 Reasons Why your Printer Does Not Work

A printer is used to print images or text sent to it onto paper. Many printers fail to function the way they should, and from a variety of causes. That being said, a majority of these can be resolved fairly easily. Following are some of the most common reasons why printers fail to work properly, and how the problem can be solved.

Paper Jams

When a printer gives you a paper jam, it is left unable to print anything, which is bad in a number of ways. Maybe the printer cartridge is clogged up, or maybe you have been using the wrong paper type for the specific model. Whatever the case, you will need to open up the hardware and then pull out the toner to see what exactly is wrong with the whole setup. Pull out the paper as well, and be gentle when you do this. Sometimes there may be tiny bits of paper in there which you need to pull out with a pair of long tweezers. When you remove a paper jam, make sure to pull the paper exactly in the direction of the normal paper path, because doing the opposite could cause damage to the machine.


Printer Paper Jam

Print Jobs Being Sent To the Wrong Printer

If you have over one printer on a single network, it is possible for the PC to send commands to the wrong printer each time that you initiate a print job. If that printer is off, then you would see absolutely no results except for your print spooler service getting clogged with print jobs. The likely outcome is that you decide your main, powered-on printer is on the fritz. In such cases, it is possible to fix a printer not responding by setting it as the default. For that, head to Devices and Printers and right click the right printer and hit Set as Default Printer on the drop-down menu. Based on your OS, the steps may differ a bit, but the gist remains pretty much similar.

Poor Connection

Sometimes a printer not responding may have to do with it being poorly connected. Fix that by unplugging everything and plugging it back in, and then repowering each machine to make sure it gets a chance to reestablish the connection. If you have one of the printer error lights blinking for some reason, check in the user manual to find out what that means, or just head to the manufacturer’s website for the same. You can also take out the toner cartridges and put them back in before running a test scan to see if everything is working fine this time around.

The Right Driver Missing

Without the right drivers, no computing device can juice the proper functionality from a printer it is able to connect to on the same network. Before deciding you need a new printer, you may first want to check and make sure that the latest driver for it is installed on your computer. As long as this is set up fine, you can proceed with further troubleshooting printer problems and not have to backtrack. Sometimes, you may even need to uninstall and reinstall a driver for the right configuration to take hold in your PC.

Spooler Error

The print spooler is the software which stores your print jobs from the moment you green-light them and up until the point where they have been completed. This kind of storage is temporary, which means that after printing gets done, you would have no print jobs stored on your PC. If you have been waiting a while for a particular job to complete and it has not, check the print spooler to see if it is still in the queue there. If it is, and the hardware is working fine when you print from another PC, then the spooler in this one may have some issue you need taken care of. The spooler can be reset by restarting the PC as well as the spooler software.

Printer Error

Print Spooler Error


Dust is not good for printing, no matter what technology your printer makes use of. You need to be sure that your printer is free from accumulated dust; this can be achieved by wiping the surface with a cloth that is free of lint. After that, check the paper feed tray and make sure that if it is not enclosed, you wipe away the dust in the same way. There are some art quality papers which draw even more dust than the regular type, and if you are using one of those, make sure the printer and its vicinity are clean before you start a print job.

Admin Issues

This kind of problem is commonly seen in computers that are on a network, as well as those running more than one user account. Some prints can only start after the admin computers nods off on them. The primary admin can set a printer as authorized. If you are unable to do this in your office, find out who can do it for you. If they do not know how to either, then call or email us, and we can help.