Basic Troubleshooting for When a Canon Printer Does Not Respond on Windows 10

Basic Troubleshooting for When a Canon Printer Does Not Respond on Windows 10

Printer Not Responding

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

A lot of Canon printer users all around are facing a problem where their machine does not respond to print job commands. This renders them unable to print documents and other stuff in both wireless LAN and wired LAN environments. Following are some solutions which should help you out in this area; just make sure to try them out in the order they are detailed here.

Basic Troubleshooting

To rule out the simple potential problem makers, you need to first make sure that the printer is connected properly to the PC as well as the wall outlet. The following process basically checks connectivity.

  • For a USB-Connected Printer: Make sure that the ID cable is attached properly, and if it is not, then disconnect and replug the cable into the right port, both on the printing device and the computer. If that does not work, use a hub to connect the printer to the PC, or try out other ports on the PC to see if they facilitate better connectivity. After all of that, try using another cable to see if the problem boils down to the first cable that you were using.
  • For a Network-Connected Printer: The first need here is to check connection through all of the network devices, including the router and the modem. After ensuring that, check the connection status of the network. If you are using a wired printer, reconnect the cable and then see if the issue remains, and if it does, see to replacing the cable. If you are using a wireless printer, connect it the office/home network.
  • For Bluetooth-Connected Printer: make sure that your printer device is inside the required Bluetooth coverage area of your PC. It needs to be close enough to stay connected, so move either or both based on how the office or home allows. Try re-pairing the Canon printer with the system and see if that resolves the printer not responding

The above steps should take care of minor connectivity issues causing your printer error, but if its root traces to something else, you can probably find out what by using the Printer Troubleshooter which the OS is equipped with. If things get tough, you can also call up our support crew for assistance in the matter. Rest assured our technicians will fix the problem summarily and expertly.


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