Common Toner Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Common Toner Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Printer Error

Common Printer Problems

Toners are the alternatives to ink in laser printers. In case you are using a laser printer, you might know about toners and fusers. Below is a discussion on the most common printer error linked with toner problems and the ways to solve them.

Low Toner Error

Sometimes, you may find that you have just replaced your toner but your computer might give you an error stating, “low toner error.” Remember that the messages of ‘Printer Not Responding’ that you get might not be trustworthy. Apart from the cases where your toner cartridge is damaged or broken, you will only have to reset your printer to solve this issue. It is recommended to use a hard reset. These are better when it comes to following up. You can find the model’s reset guidelines on the website of your manufacturer.

Blotchy, Streaked or Faded Printouts

Sometimes your printer produces streaked, faded, or blotchy printouts. This is a commonly encountered problem. The first thing you have to do is to check if you have set the right set of paper. Further, you need to check the functions of your printer. Then, you can check your toner. There are instances when the toner is asleep if you are printing after a long time. It requires to be awakened. For this, remove the toner and rock it gently from one side to the other. Take care not to shake it. Remember not to touch it as the fingerprint gets embedded on it.

Fuser Errors

The fuser is the component of the laser printer that fuses the toner and the paper. Without a running fuser, a toner is of no use. Fusers are also like the other parts of the printer and require replacing after a certain amount of time. The manufacturer usually specifies a time span but the customers would be able to use it much longer. This is possible if there are not many instances of printer problems like paper jams. These wear put the fuser faster. Fuser error also points to the error in the fuser driver circuit. A general way of improving the fuser function is to improve the fuser driver circuit. If the printer is running low on power, there is a chance that it malfunctions. It is recommended to plug in the printer straight to the outlet on the wall. Remember not to connect any heating device in the same circuit or to the outlet as your printer.

Toner and fuser errors are common with laser printers. Make sure you understand the trouble well before acting.

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