Fixing an HP Printer ‘Ink System Failure’ Error

Fixing an HP Printer 'Ink System Failure' Error

Printer Error

Ink System Failure Error

If you start seeing an error message from your HP printer speaking of “Ink System Failure”, or one coded as “0xc18a0001”, or something else starting with “0x” or a “b” or “c”, then you may not be able to make printouts the way you normally do. This printer error message can show up on the control panel of the printer, or even in your PC. When it comes to the alphanumeric codes you can see displayed in this way, you have 0xC19A0003, 0xc19a0013, 0xc19a0043, c05d0082, and a number of others. Following are some ways to fix this type of printer error.

Use Original Ink Cartridges

Every printer company recommends that you use their genuine toner or ink supplies, and are not going to guarantee reliability if you switch over to something else just because it costs less or happens to last longer most of the time. With HP printers as well as those from other big names, you need to use genuine cartridges, or some of the steps detailed below might not even work for you. Each of these companies has a webpage where you can check the authenticity of supplies. When buying replacement cartridges, make sure you buy them from trusted retailers. If the above printer error does not resolve itself after this, then move on to the next step.

Reset the printer

A printer reset is often the simplest way of troubleshooting printer problems of this kind. Wait until yours is idle and make sure that it is silent. The printer needs to be turned on. Pull out the power cord from its rear, and unplug the other end from the wall power outlet. Wait for at least a minute, and plug it back in at both ends. Turn on the printer if it does not come on automatically, and if the printer error message still shows up, move on to the next step.

Check the Ink Level Estimate

If your ink cartridge is running low or empty, that might be what is causing the error. If you saw an Ink Alert right before, then maybe all you need to do is replace the cartridge. The printer control panel should let you access the feature that shows estimated ink levels. The options for the control panel would vary by your model of printer.

If the ink levels do not show up here, then you will need to try and get it to show in your PC, following separate steps based on your OS. Just bear in mind that any estimates shown are only for planning when your next ink cartridge is ready to be inserted so that you do not end up having to fumble about in the middle of a long print job.

Clean the Cartridge Contacts and Vents

A buildup of ink in the vents and contacts of your printer's cartridge can cause one of the errors mentioned above, so get to work cleaning it out manually. For this, you will need a pin, lint-free cloth, cotton swab, and bottled water. Turn the printer on and then open the access door for the ink cartridge. Wait till it is idle, then release and remove it. Place it on clean paper with the inky side facing up.

Remove any attached orange tab, and check the vent Area next to the logo for clogging. Clean the clogs using the pin, and wipe off built-up ink with the lint-free cloth. Put the cartridge back in correctly and close the access door. If the printer error message still shows in the display, then skip over the step of cleaning the printhead manually. If the printer error message no longer shows but print quality is bad, proceed to clean the printhead manually.

Clean the Printhead Manually

You might have your printhead installed the wrong way, or it might have debris or ink clogged at the contacts. Run the cleaning utility for this from your PC first, because the electronic parts are very sensitive to touch. Get the lint-free cloth, a cotton swab, and bottled water. Open up the access door for the ink cartridge, and then release and remove the cartridge. Place it on clean paper with the inky side facing up. Lift up the latch handle the on the carriage, and then remove the printhead from it.

Check out the areas that need cleaning. Using the lint-free cloth, wipe the contact area, bottom-to-top, till the cloth gets no more ink on it. Wipe it dry with a new piece of cloth. Get another lint-free cloth to wipe away debris and built-up ink between the contacts and the nozzles. Take another piece of cloth and wipe away at the side plastic ramps until they are clean. Do the same for the electrical area in the interior of the printer. Reinstall the print head, ink carriage, and ink cartridges; then, close the cartridge access door and check if the error message shows.

The above steps detail how to fix an HP printer 'Ink System Failure' or related printer error. If the procedure gets too tough to handle, you could always call for printer tech support from a trusted service provider.

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