General Problems Found In HP Printers And Their Solutions

General Problems Found In HP Printers And Their Solutions

Printer Not Responding

Common Printer Issues

HP printers are generally considered reliable among printers. However, they do malfunction occasionally, making your work difficult. As a person who works with printers frequently, it is essential to have basic knowledge about the steps to take if you get a ‘Printer Not Responding’ message. Below are some of the most common issues found in HP printers and the ways to solve them without delay.

Paper Jams

Paper Jams are the most common type of printer error found with HP printers. There are several reasons behind the jamming of printers. It could be the use of the wrong type of paper, use of untidy paper, or wearing down of the rollers that feed the paper. Periodic cleaning and ensuring to use right kind of paper are some easy solutions for these issues. However, replacement of roller is not an easy job as it involves complete dismantling in many models. While removing a paper jam, make sure you pull along the direction of the printed paper. The opposite could result in severe damage to the printers. A few models with vertical paper holds are more vulnerable to paper jam issues.

When A Whole Or A Part Of The Printing On The Page Is Faded

There are three major reasons behind this condition: the print density is lower than normal, the printer is drained of toner, or it is printing in Economode printing. In the case of the first and last reasons, a self-test will show you the prevailing settings which you can adjust afterward. If you have the Economode turned on, you can switch it off and raise the print density. In case of low toner, remove the cartridge and agitate it to ensure even distribution of the ink. This is a temporary solution before you replace the cartridge entirely.


Ghosting occurs when the image prints normally, but a lighter copy of the image gets printed somewhere else too. This may be due to a faulty power outlet which powers the printer. Tyr and plug in a different printer using the outlet and check if a similar result appears. Moreover, Ghosting is also observed when the consumable printer parts like the imaging kit or the drum are close to the end of their life cycles. Remember that all consumable parts of the printer have been given a rating of a fixed number of pages. Once you are close to this number, you may have to replace these parts to avoid ghosting.

Toner Spreads Or Does Not Remain On The Paper

In case the images and the print get rubbed off easily if you run your hand through it, then you have a problem. The fuser assembly might be faulty or approaching the end of its life. The best solution is to feed a new fuser assembly. It is advisable not to repair the fuser assembly, as it is a consumable part. Further, it is also possible that the cartridge is the real cause and might be allowing excess toner out at once. In case of a black-and-white laser printer, it is recommended to change the toner cartridge. For a color laser printer, it is better to replace only the cartridge which exhibits a problem. It is also found that toner might get spilled inside the printer and needs cleaning.

The Printer Displays A 50.4 Error Message

The 50.4 error message found on a few latest HP LaserJet printers is associated with an issue in power supply. In case the printer is linked to a UPS, disconnect it from the power strip and plug it to a wall outlet directly. Note that you should not plug a laser printer to a UPS. This is because the UPS could be damaged due to the surges in power needed for the printer to maintain optimum temperature. In case this does not work out, make sure that you seat all the components of the printer appropriately.

Cannot Find The Appropriate Driver For The Operating System

When new operating systems are availed, new drivers are needed for the existing printers. Every printer might not have a driver for the OS. In such cases, it is advisable to refer to the printer manual to find out the printers that the driver is compatible with. You may not get all functionalities included, but the basic printing is possible. For instance, most HP printers function with HP LaserJet II driver.


The Printer Is Not Using Paper From The Intended Paper Tray

Another printer error is when the printer print from a different paper tray than expected. First check the printing PC for the settings. Secondly, see if the printer is functioning fine. Check the printer properties and correct the tray selection source. Further, match the paper size on the paper tray with that in the control panel.

Several problems occur during the operation of a printer. Make sure you use the above suggestions to solve some of them.

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