How to Fix Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer Not Responding and 5B00 Error

How to Fix Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer Not Responding and 5B00 Error

Printer Not Responding

Common Printer Issues

There have been some reports that this particular Canon® printer is not responding on several occasions. In addition to this issue, the printer error coded “5B00” is also an extremely common one that occurs because of the ink absorber of Canon Pixma iP2770 being full. The latter issue is one of the most common ones affecting this printer from Canon®. The likely ways around the said issues are discussed below.

Canon iP2770 Not Responding

A way to resolve the printer not responding problem is to refresh the device. For that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the Windows key, and type CMD in the search box of the Start

Windows Run

  • Right-click search result item CMD, and choose Run as administrator.
  • Once Command Prompt opens, key in the “NET STOP SPOOLER” command and press the Enter key to execute it.

Printer Spooler


  • Then, type NET START SPOOLER in the DOS box, and press Enter

This then refreshes the Canon printer by stopping and re-launching the relevant service. If this troubleshoot does not work, however, there is one more protocol that you may try so as to get your device working fine again.

  • Turn your printer off while also detaching the connector that is attached to the device.
  • Then, unplug all the cords.
  • You have to wait for a few seconds before reconnecting the cords.
  • Turn the device back on, and it should be responding just fine.

In the event the above steps do not help, then you may need to go to your retailer with your printer’s warranty card.

Error 5B00

To fix this error, you will need to reset your printer. For that, just follow the steps mentioned hereunder.

  • Turn off the Canon® printer. Ensure that the device is fully turned off before proceeding to the next action.
  • Press and hold down the “Resume” button, while also holding down your printer’s ”Power
  • Lift your finger off the Resume button, and then press it two times.
  • Now, you have to release its “Power” button.
  • Now, reset counter absorber. For that press the button, denoted by a triangle in a circle, four times, and press its Power” button right after to confirm your selected action.
  • Now, turn off your printer, and turn it back on once more.

Hope this might help you resolve the issue.

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