How to Fix Print Spooler Error

How to Fix Print Spooler Error

Printer Does Not Print

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If you see a print spooler error, then this means that the spooler is either corrupted or failing to communicate properly with other software. The printer does not print documents when there is an issue with the Windows spooler. Below is one method to fix the print spooler issue.

The Method: Changing Print Spooler Properties

Follow the below steps to make the relevant changes.


  1. First Open the Spooler Properties Window
  • Click on the Start button on the desktop, search for Run, and open the program from the search results. Key in services.msc  in the Run dialog box, and click on the Ok button.

Windows Run

  • In the Services window that pops up next, click on any service and continue pressing the P key until Print Spooler is highlighted in blue. Double click on Print Spooler to open the properties window.

Printer Spooler


  1. Restart the Spooler

The Stop button and Start button are on the General tab. Just stopping and starting the spooler fixes some errors. Keep the window open, since we have some more changes to make.

Print Spooler Properties

  1. Configure the Spooler Software to Start Up Automatically

Choose the drop-down menu next to the Startup type option, choose Automatic and click on Apply to save the changes. This makes the program to open each time your PC starts up, so it does not miss any incoming jobs.

  1. Change the Recovery Settings

Then, click the Recovery tab of the properties window. This controls the way the program responds to its errors. Some changes will improve the chances of the spooler program fixing its own issues, and will reduce the odds of it itself causing a crash. Configure the following settings.

  • Set the First failure to Restart the Service
  • The Second failure to Restart the Service
  • Subsequent failures to Take No Action
  • Enter 1in the days for the Reset fail count after setting, and 1 minutes for Restart service after.
  • Once you are done, click on the Apply
  1. Stop Interaction with Desktop
  • Choose the tab named Log On in the properties window.
  • Uncheck the box next to “Allow service to interact with desktop”.
  • Click on Apply
  1. Restart and Retry Printing

Now, you can try taking a printout again. You may have to close Print Spooler Properties and/or reboot your PC before these changes take effect.

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