How To Solve Slow Network Printing

How To Solve Slow Network Printing

Printer Error

Slow Network Printing

If the speed of the print jobs is not up to the mark, it could decrease the overall efficiency of the office. Besides, it is a huge waste of valuable time if people are always waiting for an unusually long time to get their prints completed. There are different ways to boost the printing speeds in the event of printer error, which is discussed below.

Spooling Options

If you can control the print job spooling, it could lead to increased print speed. To attain this, first, select Settings and then Printers in the Start menu. When you do this, you will see the Printers window. Now right-click the network printer you want to improve. After this, select the Properties to open its Properties sheet. You have to pick the advanced option.

Observe the two options located at about halfway below the page. Spool the print documents so that program ends up printing Faster and directly to the printer. The process of printing directly from one program is slower than spooling print job since the program dispatches the print job to the printer while it gets ready in the print job.

When there are two tasks to undertake at the same time, the processes are slowed down naturally. The issue with the print-direct method is that the program they use would not allow them to do until the print job is completed. While spooling a print job, the program would send the print job over to the spooler without trying to deal with the printing tasks.

Printer Not Responding

Direct Network Printing3

Dispatching the print job on to the spooler finishes within a few seconds. This is based on how large the print job is. After sending this, the program assumes that the printing job is finished. This lets the user carry on working.

Direct Network Printing Is Tricky

As a sender dispatches a print job straight to the printer, and they use a local printer, the process stays engaged with the computer for some time. Meanwhile, offering the print job straight to the printer which is linked to a network can create other problems.

Based on the kind of print server which the printer is linked to, the print job could get associated with other print jobs.

When you face a situation of printer not responding or slow printing job, it could hinder the normal function of the office. Make sure you consider the above option as you try to resolve the above issue.

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